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Yoga, Mindfulness & Nature for Kids

Nature Yoga has a special place in the lives of young children and supports them to slow down, appreciate and connect with themselves and the magic of the world around them.


My workshops and classes are a blend of fun, creative, mindful and active practices to support the children to tune into their bodies, understand their emotions and draw on examples and similarities in nature to feel a greater sense of calm and joy.


By using gentle movement, games, craft and breathing techniques we have the ability to share these gifts with the children in an age appropriate, engaging and inspiring manner with the intention that the skills they learn can be taken off the mat and into the rest of their lives

“Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves

Stephen Moss

Inspired by Nature

Combining the healing and calming benefits of nature with the healing and calming benefits

of mindful movement, creating and relaxation just makes sense


  • Nature teaches us about change, the seasons and that nothing lasts forever


  • Spending time in nature helps us to slow down, be curious and creative


  • Nature provides a calming and comforting space to play, sit and just be


  • We learn through observing nature that we are all unique and have different needs


  • Nature is a great healer, it can help us to feel grounded and supported


  • We can use nature to focus our attention and become more present in our lives


  • Nature craft is a fun way to connect with the natural world and use our imaginations and problem solving skills


  • We can understand diversity just by looking at nature and seeing its vibrant range of colours, shapes and textures. Its a great tool for mindfulness and presence


  • Nature encourages us to be active, adventurous and open to new possibilities


  • Happy hormones serotonin and dopamine are released when in nature

What Parents are saying

Mummy Son Bonding Time

Teaching the little guy to slow down.

He loved doing the stretches and poses partnered with me

and having some mummy son bonding time.


Thanks again for a great class this afternoon

Sammi - Nutrition with Sammi


Meet Dani

Hi, I'm Dani

I'm a kids and adults yoga teacher, Mum to a teenage daughter and passionate advocate for mindful movement, nature and creating more time to slow down and really connect


Everyday I see kids and families rushing about from one thing to the next, schedules bursting with things to do and a lot of stressed, overwhelmed and exhaused kids and parents

Having come from an elite gymnastic backgroud I know the benefits of movement and exercise but what I really love to share is the benifits of slowing down, of connecting and learning how to live a more conscious, self aware and relaxed life

Yoga came into my life over 20 years ago when I found myself in a class ready to stretch, ready to move and very much ready to decrease my pain and improve my flexibility

But what I quickly realised was how much I craved a slower pace and how deeply conditioned I was to do it all, cram things in and be celebrated for multi tasking and being busy

Gymnastics and the fast paced lifestyle had left my body, sore, overstretched, burned out and overstimulated and what I really needed was to slow down, be present and breathe

In my classes I take simple techniques and weave them into fun activities and games with relatable themes and storytelling to encourage the children to use their bodies and imaginations in new ways.

My teachings incorporate elements of nature, emotions, communication, social skills and activities to help the children connect with bodies, breathe and the world around them


Wild Flow Kids Vision for the future is that all children have access and the opportunity to learn mindfulness, yoga and relaxation skills and can experience the joy, peace, calm and confidence that I have come to learn and love


As well as providing opportunities and encouraging kids and families to get into nature more often and spend time connecting with each other and the world around them


  • It is my mission to bring Yoga & Mindfulness to as many children and families across the greater Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Gold Coast community

  • To create safe, inclusive and supportive spaces for kids and their families to learn, practice and enjoy yoga and mindfulness

  • To champion and raise awareness for the healing benefits of yoga and immersing oursleves in nature to find more calm, confidence and connection

  • To support kids and their families with practical and enjoyable tools and strategies to help reduce anxiety and overwhelm and help them to understand and process their emotions in a safe and healing manner


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Compassion, we believe is about being present, kind and caring to one another. We endeavour to provide safe, inclusive and judgement free spaces to allow everyone to express themselves fully and freely and participate in a way that feels good for them

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Connection is a powerful and important aspect of Wild Flow Kids, it is my intention to create inclusive, supportive and accessible spaces and oppportunities for everyone to learn, grow and deepen their connection with themselves, with nature and with others

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In a world that is constantly in a rush, our classes and programs include activities and sensory tools like music, to help children slow down, rest their nervous systems and understand how to use their bodies and breath to bring more calm and relaxation to their lives

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Our classes and programs thrive off creativity and we encourage co-creation with our kids to navigate our yoga classes and adventures together. Creativity is how we connect to one another and how we transform our dreams from our imaginations into our realities

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Fostering confidence and pride is what our programs are all about. We love to see the kids faces when they have a go, challenge themselves and realise what their bodies can do. Our aim is to inspire, encourage, celebrate and empower our little yogi's each step along the way

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Community is at the heart of all success .We can achieve so much more together which is why I work hard to really understand what your challenges are, what you need and where I can best support kids and families to build a stronger community, and more inclusivity

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience

can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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