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This parenting game, it's Wild!

But the good news is, I am right in it with you and I have learned a lot in the past 17 years as a mum and even more from sharing spaces and supporting kids and families just like you!

Parenting should be Wild

A wild ride of learning and growing and sharing life with our awesome little humans, trying to make sense of themselves and the world around them.

It's our job to guide them, not tame them

In my opinion it's the hardest thing in the world to do, especially when they are pushing against all of our own triggers, when were tired and trying to do our best and look after ourselves, go to work, do the chores and take care of their wellbeing 

We all need extra support

That's why I have put together some resources to help you out and created opportunities for families to gather together, slow down and learn practical tips and tools to help in your daily life

Nature is a great place to start

Nature has been a huge part of my life and a way for me to find peace and calm when things feel tough.

From as early as I can remember I would go off and sit amongst the trees and find water when I needed time to sit

and process feelings and its become my lifes purpose to now share these experiences with families and parents to help you better support yourselves and your kids and its starts with nature

Nature teaches us

  • To be more compassionate

  • To be curious and ask more questions

  • To have patience

  • To understand change and life and death

  • To develop our problem solving and cirtical thinking skills

  • To use our gross and fine motor skills to move and navigate out in nature

  • To slow down and be present with our feelings and experiences

  • To understand difference and similarity

  • To be grateful

  • To experience awe and wonder

Theres many great quotes and loads of research around the healing and calming qualities of nature and it probably comes as no surprise that simply by being in nature, being surrounded by green lving things can shift not only our moods and energy levels but reduce our anxiety, and help us to feel more calm and more connected to each other and the world around us

As parents, I invite you to embark on a journey with more green time, in your life and to encourage, support and role model these values to your kids as much as possible and I am here to guide and support you to do just that

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