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Image by Bethany Zwag
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Supporting you and your family to slow down, laugh more and feel more calm, confident and connected 

Find your Wild Flow and support you and your kids to reconnect with the body, breath and intuition with Yoga, Mindfulness, Nature and simple, practical tools for your everyday life.

I believe that wellbeing is a state of being and requires a full being approach which is why I have created a business that embraces the wild and the flow aspects of our human experience. I have deliberately  incorporated different elements into my offerings that honours and supports individuals right where they are at, with compassion, acceptance and presence. 


Having studied traditional eastern, Ayurvedic and western wellness practices and philosophies for over 15 years  I have come to understand the complexities of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and the threads that weave and connect each aspect together forming,  who we are, how we feel and experience the world and the deeper connection and meaning we find about our life on this earth

Wild Flow Wellbeing is anchored in yogic lifestyle and understanding, which has formed the basis of my business, practices, offerings and philosophies as well as my own personal lifestyle, experience and growth journey. As a small business owner these foundations reflect and ripple out into everything I do and influence the way I work in and on my business, and also how I promote, facilitate and organise myself and my time with a high value placed on my own wellbeing first and foremost. This value ensures I am leading by example and am able to provide spaces that serve my higher purpose to bring love, connection and healing to the kids and families I work with to support the practical application and tools that I teach.

Inspired by Nature

Combining the healing and calming benefits of nature with the healing and calming benefits

of mindful movement, creating and relaxation just makes sense


  • Nature teaches us about change, the seasons and that nothing lasts forever


  • Spending time in nature helps us to slow down, be curious and creative


  • Nature provides a calming and comforting space to play, sit and just be


  • We learn through observing nature that we are all unique and have different needs


  • Nature is a great healer, it can help us to feel grounded and supported


  • We can use nature to focus our attention and become more present in our lives


  • Nature craft is a fun way to connect with the natural world and use our imaginations and problem solving skills


  • We can understand diversity just by looking at nature and seeing its vibrant range of colours, shapes and textures. Its a great tool for mindfulness and presence


  • Nature encourages us to be active, adventurous and open to new possibilities


  • Happy hormones serotonin and dopamine are released when in nature


It's taken me 37 years to truly understand myself,on a deeply emotional, spiritual and experiencential level and it is with great acclaim and responsibility that I continue to take my wellbeing into both hands and share that wisdom and journey with others on a path to eternal truth and liberation

Hi, Im Dani

14 Years ago, I was faced with possibly the hardest challenge of my life, and it was through theese challenges that I realised I had so much more to contribute to the world

Having lived through a tough childhood, I knew how to look after myself but what I uncovered over the past 37 years was that many of the thoughts, beliefs, actions and behaviours that I possessed were coming from a place of survival, stress, emotional dysregulation and a little girl desperate to be seen, understood, validated and supported

Now with a plethora of tools and frameworks and a beautiful tribe of humans around me, I am grateful for the beautiful souls who entrust me to support them on their own journey of healing, of discovery and of self empowerment to shed the shoulds, embrace their truth and step forward to claim a life they desire and deserve

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