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As parents we all want the best for our kids.
Sometimes getting them out into nature is just what they need but can be tricky with the ease and allure of technology and screens

There is so much research into the wellbeing benefits of being out in nature and right now we are seeing a growing need for adults and kids to reconnect with nature with the heighest rates of anxiety, depression and overall disconnection in kids and adults we have ever seen

Time in Nature has helped me
* Slow down and feel safe to just be
* Feel more calm and less anxious
* Inspired my curiosity and creativy 
* reconnect with my inner truth and feelings
* Be more compassionate and grateful
* Feel connected to the world around me

Do you want your kids to have more green time
and less screen time?

Over the years as a parent and working with kids and families I have learned a few helpful strategies that have really helped and I would love to share them with you
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