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Human Design

what we're here to express is that quality of uniqueness

that differentiates us from everyone else. "

- Ra Uru Hu  (Founder of HD)

What is Human Design?

Is the missing piece your FAMILY has been looking for

Its a practical & visual blueprint of your energetic system, providing you with infomation based on your unique energy type, taken from the planetary alignments and energies at the time of your birth. This visual representation draws on ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah, I'Ching, The Chakra System and Astrology and is a powerful modality

to help you to understand yourself and your family's unique energy types,

needs, and preferences and how your energy is designed to operate in this world

Knowing and understanding just the basics of your families charts

is the start of a whole new way of living and a key piece to helping your family live with less stress, deeper connections and a happier and healthier life

How HD can help

  • It can help us understand ourselves better

  • Help us understand our energy and capacity

  • Give us clarity around our purpose and strengths

  • Learn how we can access our intuition

  • Understand our inner authority and decision making strategies

  • Give us clues to find supportive environments 

  • Help us to interact with others in ways that makes us feel seen, heard, appreciated and valued

Anchor 1
  • Human Design Reading - Foundation

    Learn about your unique energetic design, how to access your intuition and live in alignment
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • 60 Minute HD Reading & Personalised Chart & Guidance
  • FREE Discovery Call

    30 Minutes
    Valid for 7 days
    • Learn more about Human Design & my Wild & Aligned Mentoring

Why Human Design?

For many, the big questions of who we are and why are we here seem to get pushed to the bottom of the pile, and life, as we currently know it takes priority as we move through our days, trying to get it all done, keep everyone fed and happy and do the best with what we have 

We are constantly bombarded with information, and in theory we are more connected than we have ever been, but from my own experiences and from talking with many others I see and feel a deep sense of unhappiness, unworthiness and a lack of trust and connection with who we truly are and why our uniqueness really matters

For most of my life, I felt alone, misunderstood and different to most others around me, I tried my best to find my own way and work it out and whilst I had some success I always felt there was something blocking me at every step

It wasn't until I discovered Human Design that I started to finally see where I was going wrong, where I was still operating from a script that was not meant for me and where I was caught up in fear, overthinking, limiting beliefs and deep conditioning about what success really meant, how I should be living my life and where so many of these labels were actually holding me back in life

This modality has truly given me and countless others, the permission to get curious, to start their experiment and to try something new to bring them the change, success and satisfaction they desire in their lives


 Its simple really, but not easy, if we could only understand and celebrate our uniqeness, the world would truly be a magical and transformed place

If you are ready to get curious, to find the answers to the big questions and to start living your life by your unique design, I would love to support you on your journey to discovering your truth, your passion and how you could start utilising this powerful tool of Human Design

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