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Raising Mindful kids in this modern world has many challenges but it is my mission to support families and children with practical tips and information to help you to live with more calm, confidence and connection to eachother and the world around you

Nature Pressed Clay Pendants.jpg

This air dry clay recipe made from cornflour and bicarb is a great alternative to clay and is the perfect craft idea for your kids these school holidays. Download the recipe HERE

Nature Scavenger Hunt Image_edited.jpg

Get the kids outside with this fun colouring inn Nature Scavenger hunt

PDF Printout Here

Children in Yoga Class

Calming Humming Bee Breath

Humming is deeply calming and healing for the body and mind, Download and print this FREE Humming Bee Breathing and Yoga PDF for you and your kids HERE

Rainy Day Activities.png

Rainy Days invite us to slow down and get creative finding ways to enjoy nature and mindfulness in different ways

Here are some mindful activities to help you and your kids to connect with nature and feel more calm, confident and connected

Gumleaf Breathing Image_edited.jpg

Download this FREE PDF to help your kids to slow down and become more aware of their breathing. Pop a copy in the car and by their bed to help them calm down and feel relaxed

Rainy Day Yoga Image.png

Rainy Day Yoga

Rainy Days are the perfect time to practice gentle movemetn and mindfulneness, Try these fun rain inspired yoga poses with your family and kids

Yoga Cards printable image.jpg

Your kids will love these fun print & colour Yoga Cards. Cut them out and laminate them to keep them forever

Check back for more Resources, Blogs & Tips to support your kids and family

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